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Microwave moisture meter RX - 95

The system operation is based on microwave energy absorption by water molecules present in the radiated material. This contactless, non-destructive technique of immediate measurement of water content can be used in testing such materials as: coal, flour, grain, cement, seeds, sugar, tobaccos etc.

RX - 25 Teslameter

The instrument simultaneously measures magnetic field induction along three orthogonal axes. The readings present the field values along each of the axes and the magnitude of the magnetic vector B.

RX-25 is equipped with high quality miniature Hall-effect GaAs type sensors. It can measure both DC and AC components of the magnetic field in the frequency range of 48 Hz - 52 Hz or 20 Hz - 50 kHz. The instrument features the serial port RS 232 and an analog voltage output - proportional to the field measured. Digital processing of the measurement signal, together with dynamic and temperature correction of probe readings, quarantees increased accuracy of measurement.

RX - 213 Teslameter

The teslameter RX-213, a hand held, Hall-effect magnetic field meter measures simultaneously, along three orthogonal axes, DC and AC components of the magnetic field in the frequency range 20 Hz - 20 kHz. The latter quantity is measured as true RMS value.

RX - 21a/b Teslameter

This portable, Hall-effect instruments measure both DC and AC components of the magnetic field. The latter quantity is measured in frequency range of 20 Hz - 25 kHz as true RMS value. The teslameter RX-21b provides a measurement range of 0 - 3000 mT (0 - 2000 mT for RX-21a) divided into two subranges: 0 - 300 mT and 0 - 3000 mT, automatically or manually switched.

RX - 32 Teslameter

The instrument is designed for operation with any research or service apparatus involving very high precision measurements and stabilization of magnetic field. It may be considered as a standard equipment of EPR and NMR spectrometers, stands for Hall effect studies, MRI systems for field mapping and shimming, beam handling and a variety of instrumentation for studying materials with field-dependent characteristic, as well as for checking of the magnets, electromagnets, etc.